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Asha African Impact Finance Fund

About the fund

African Long-Term Impact Alternative Credit

  • The Barak Asha Fund focuses on providing asset-backed long-term finance to African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) projecting strong underlying growth and cash flow generation in support of development impact, primarily in the agrisector.
  • The Asha Fund identifies assets in growth markets, providing an alternative option to traditional funding, these funds will be utilized for expansion and growth of core businesses which have a strong focus on social impact.
  • The Fund’s objective is to generate sustainable risk-adjusted returns, targeting 12-19% per annum USD returns. Debt of varying maturities is secured by tangible operating assets and cash flows with the option to convert to equity.
  • The Impact objective is to enable the sustainable upliftment of the broader community through the provision of employment, skills development & training as well as improved access to healthcare, energy, communication and the overall standard of living across a broad base.
  • Liquidity management of underlying instruments is key to portfolio management of multi-tenor investments. The open-ended structure renders investment and disbursement conducive to dividend distribution semiannually.
  • Impact investing is a form of socially responsible investing and serves as a guide to investing with awareness. Impact investments are investments deployed into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact alongside a financial return*
  • Agricane Agricultural Development and Management Consultants fulfil the role within the fund of being the agricultural specialists, with the remit to manage all investments that the Barak Asha Finance Fund invests in.
  • Barak’s extensive presence and market access creates a formidable barrier to entry in the African agricultural and trade finance value chain. Barak is the only Structured Trade and Commodity finance fund focused on Africa, where the Investment Advisory team is based in Africa. This unique attribute, along with Agricane Project Management creates an unparalleled impact investment opportunity given the ability to source, manage and reap the optimal impact and financial rewards.

Agricane website – www.agricane.com

* Source: Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Barak Asha Impact Finance Fund


Initial capital raise of USD 50 million with a target of USD 250 million


Minimum Investments - USD 1 million, subscriptions monthly


Redemptions - Payable 30 days after lock-in if reinvestment is not selected

Target Equity Returns – 12% – 19% p.a, semi-annual distributions

Management Fee – 2% p.a. (payable monthly)

Performance Fee – 20% p.a. (payable quarterly)

Barak Asha Impact Finance Fund Marketing Sheet

All the facts

Barak Asha Fund Investment Pipeline

Investments across a wide range of sectors including agricultrural, energy, healthcare & communications in Sub-Sahara Africa with an average IRR of 21% enabling the feasibility to the borrower of the cost of funding.


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