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Barak Shariah Trade Finance Fund

About the fund

Shariah is the Muslim or Islamic law which regulates many aspects of a Muslim’s life including the type of investments allowed. A Shariah compliant fund is an investment vehicle fund structured in accordance to Shariah rules. They are in essence common funds with an extra layer of Islamic rules integrated in the Investment Polices of the Fund. The funds are required to be fully compliant with Shariah rule; however, the companies structuring, managing and promoting the funds do not have to be necessarily Shariah compliant.

Given the natural structure of trade finance funds, the Barak Shariah Trade Finance Fund was set up to easily comply with Shariah Law.

The underlying trade finance transactions and Agreements with Barak’s borrowers are set up in such a way that the transactions runs compliant to Shariah-compliant Law.

Leveraging the use of the Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance, South Africa (CIEFSA) which has been established with the objective of reviving the knowledge and Implementation of Islamic Economic, Commercial and Financial Principles, the Barak Shariah Fund aims to create a strong portfolio of Shariah-compliant trade finance borrowers and transactions.

Investment Process

Barak Shariah Trade Finance Fund Fact Sheet

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