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The Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund provides businesses, trades and entrepreneurs with bespoke structured finance and working capital solutions to assist them in growing their business.

The Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund provides financial products to businesses, trades and entrepreneurs across the African Continent.  We believe that for Africa to continue to grow at the current pace, all entities with good business models should be provided with a financial solution that is right for them, irrespective of the size of the business.

The products offered focus on inventory and working capital cycles, which we advocate as the primary pillars for growth.

However we do not use a one dimensional view when engaging with our clients, instead we review all facets of a business – its track record, financials and management experience when evaluating each deal.

Should you wish to apply for a line of funding from Barak, please do so by contacting us below:

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Case Study 1

Jurisdiction: Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Rice and beans importing business
  • Large Global trader fills the off taker role
  • Performs all rice packing for large Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) companies
  • Agricultural, Rice
  • USD 5.1m Import stock finance facility with the following collateral structures:
  • Stock under Purchase and repurchase agreement
  • Cession of Debtors as per repurchase agreement
  • Personal signed guarantees
  • Opportunity to fund the company’s rice imports from various sources, predominantly India and Japan
  • Solid counterparty with local listed off takers, backed by underlying terminally priced commodity

The business is profitable, solvent and backed by a solid holding. There is sufficient collateral to cover the loan. We feel that this would be a good investment for Barak Fund Management.   Investment Advisor

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