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Africa’s Growth in Context

Investor Introduction

Barak firmly believes in a hands-on approach for all clients. This includes mandatory site visits during the investment evaluation process to gauge all aspects necessary for a functioning business operation. Barak is the only Fund Manager with an African advisory team based in South Africa and Kenya, and venturing into West Africa. The company is also in the enviable position of being the only fund with strategic access to 480 commodity storage warehouses across Africa, providing physical on-the-ground security for trades.

In addition to this hands-on investment approach, Barak has over the years established strong partnerships with specialists in its countries of operation. These relationships foster continuous operationally-efficient projects. Barak Fund Management monitors global markets closely, with a spotlight on Emerging Markets in particular, so as to implement a disciplined, repeatable investment process which focuses on strict controls, senior liens with strong covenants, and shorter duration investments.


Barak currently manages three funds, with cumulative assets under management (AUM) in excess of USD 250 million:

Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund

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Barak Impact Finance Fund

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Asha Impact Finance Fund

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The Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund was floated in February 2009, with the other two funds formed in mid-2014. All three funds focus on consistent, securitised investments and have returned solid performances since inception.

Two new funds will be launched in Q2 2016, namely:

  • Barak Structured Credit Finance Fund
  • Barak Asha Fund (Longer-term Impact)



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