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The Barak Story

Barak Fund Management was founded on the back of smart thinking in the tight liquidity constraints of sub-Saharan Africa. The two founders, Prieur du Plessis and Jean Craven, both hailed from banking backgrounds and had time and time again seen potential lucrative deals being overlooked because they did not fit traditional financing structures.

Prieur and Jean acknowledged that doing business in sub-Saharan Africa was no easy feat, however realised that from their experience, the potential yields in the region from an alternative financing perspective were far greater than they had been dealing with in their respective banking-sector transactions.

The Barak Team has grown steadily over the years as both deal implementation and investor interest has grown, with this Team now boasting an impressive on-the-ground footprint in all parts of the sub-Sahara African region. Both strong investor relations and a rigid client-sourcing network has been the top priority for all at Barak, and the continued success of the story is based on this consistently solid foundation.

From the launch of the Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund in early 2009, the company has built up a formidable reputation in the trade finance value chain in over 30 countries in Africa. Two more funds have followed since 2009 with another three on the cards in early 2016, and the Barak story thus far has been one of consistency and reliability in the exciting trading markets that Africa holds.

1st December 2015

Barak Fund Management AUM sits in excess of USD 280m

1st December 2015

GTR Best Alternative Financier in sub-Saharan Africa

1st December 2015

Structured Trade Finance Fund completes 7th year of zero negative returns since inception

1st September 2015

Barak hires new COO and CFO in response to expanding business activities

1st December 2014

Barak Fund Management AUM sits at USD 180m

1st December 2014

Structured Trade Finance Fund returns 11.46% for the year, Barak Shanta Fund returns 90.58% YTD in its first year

1st July 2014

The Barak Impact Finance Fund is launched, with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

1st March 2014

The Barak Shanta Commodities SP Fund is launched, with fund focusing primarily on relative value and directional trading opportunities within the agricultural commodity markets.

1st December 2013

Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund sits USD 65m.

1st December 2012

HedgeNews Africa Specialist Strategies Winner.

1st December 2011

Africa Fund of the Year Winner.

1st February 2009

Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund is launched with seed funding of USD 300,000. It will grow by some 830 times by the end of 2015, not 7 years down the line.