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Welcome to the newly launched Barak Fund Management Blog.



Dear Reader

Welcome to the newly launched Barak Fund Management Blog! The thought process behind setting this social interaction platform up stemmed from the nature of the business that Barak is involved with on a daily basis – that is, ever-shifting and changing activities that are required to be able to manage and operate a successful fund management business. To this degree, we felt it necessary to provide a platform to prospective and current investors and clients alike that was also ever-shifting and changing to keep readers up to date in today’s fast and variable markets.

This blog is intended to provide readers with a weekly update on current events within Barak’s operational space, both from an internal Fund performance and activities angle as well as a more macro view of the markets in which Barak operates (that predominately being the space that Barak is most accustomed to; sub-Saharan Africa).

With the help of a few third-party research agents (NKC Research, Tradition Analytics, Commodity Insight Africa, VSA Capital Research), Barak receives extensively detailed daily updates on both country and commodity sectors across Africa, which will enable this blog to be a living and active platform.

For this first blog post dated xx May 2016, I thought it would be a suitable starting off point to use some of the recent Q1 2016 Barak Quarterly Report content that was recently distributed to the Barak current and prospective investor base. The Report focuses on providing a detailed overview of the Barak’s 2016 performance and activities to date, as well as providing some recent relevant macroeconomic views within sub-Saharan Africa, as well as touching on the African continent on the whole.

Each week we will include an Interesting article of the week to kick the updated weekly blog off, and this week’s article from Alt Credit Intelligence is a very interesting one on the general global trade finance space heading into tough global markets in a variety of sectors. The article talks a lot about the current global market instability from various factors, and the negative impact this instability has had on hedge fund performances in the market since mid-2015. It then goes on to discuss the offerings of trade finance funds and the advantages of this uncorrelated, consistent niche strategy.

From the Barak Team, we hope you enjoy the read and find the content interesting, relevant and robust. Please keep in touch via our Contact Us tab, and we trust that this active platform will provide a research base where current and prospective contacts of Barak will utilise on a regular bases. As always, feedback to make this blog more user-friendly will be welcome and all suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

Until next week,

Giles Hedley

Barak Investor Relations Officer